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Thanks for the fun/crazy time with this one! :D

can I have 32 bit version

Back again for some two player madness! 

Indy of IndieGameGlance has made a short game review for Skadonk Showdown. At a glance you can see what the game is like before you play it for yourself. [Spoiler] This game is supper addictive! :)

Thank you very much, love the video! Used the road rage button effectively :P

Fun game! I had a good time in it! The mini game is where it shines! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks for the Lets play! Seems like the rooftop deathmatch could be built upon further :)

Working on my own blog and stumbled on this, just had to write about it even a little.

Thanks for the mention :)


Wut!! Dude this looks awesome! Pity you don't support Linux, BUT, I'm half tempted to boot into Windows just to try this out! Fuck it! That's what I'm gonna do! Also, having to deal with taxis on the Eastrand everyday, this might be some much-needed comic relief! Good job man!

Hehe thank you - Enjoy! Let me know what you think


Fantastic little game you have here! It's hectic, fast and fun! There were a few little graphical issues when the camera clipped through the environment and a few framerate drops, but that might have been my recording software.

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Thank you! This was my first attempt at making a game in Unity (used to make games in GameMaker before this). It's a tad unoptimized and a bit clunky, but I had fun making it and I'm really happy you enjoyed it!